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EPISODE 01 Medical-Engineering Collaboration - A Bridge Between Medicine and Engineering -

Connect the seeds sewn by basic research with on-site needs

Our company, a technology development venture company, includes 3 points in our vision: to launch 2 new products each year, for the new products we have launched over the last 10 years to comprise 50% of our sales, and to train human resources to launch the products.

"Medical-Engineering Collaboration" is the effort which Kono Seisakusho is advancing in order to fulfill this vision.
We use the results of our research in the field of engineering to respond to the needs of the medical field and develop products. One of the great strengths of "Medical-Engineering Collaboration" is the fact that the doctors who want and request such products are the same doctors who actually use the products once they are created.
Because the products are developed under this intermeshing of needs and seeds, it is easy to obtain feedback when working on improvements.

We meet needs in great detail and contribute to the development of medical technology through newly produced medical equipment in order to support the lives of as many patients as possible. That is what we at Kono Seisakusho believe to be our mission.

Medical-Engineering Collaboration

We want to be a bridge between "medicine" and "engineering"

Medical-Engineering Collaboration

In the field of technology, each time we hear from people in companies and departments of engineering at schools which possess wonderful technology we are deeply impressed that they have the seeds to meet the needs of the medical field.
However, we also hear that it is definitely not easy for people at companies and departments of engineering that are not in the medical field to turn these excellent seeds into the development of medical devices. This is apparently because there are few chances to come into direct contact with the needs of the medical field.

On the other hand, we also hear from medical professionals who are in need of the latest devices in the medical field that it is difficult to have opportunity to come into direct contact with excellent seeds other than those possessed by medical device manufacturers.
We at Kono Seisakusho want to be a "bridge" that solves this mismatching. We are blessed with the opportunity to directly hear the needs that are felt by everyone in the medical field. We make full use of this position as we press forward with our "Medical-Engineering Collaboration" as a "bridge" that forms a solid connection between "medicine" and "engineering". Our company’s ability to serve as a mediator between the technologies of departments of engineering, companies, and traditional arts is one of our greatest characteristics.

Clearing the way for the future with "Medical-Engineering Collaboration"

A major characteristic of the field of medical devices is the diversity of needs.
This is because the body of each individual patient is different.
In order to earnestly face this reality, it is necessary to construct a development system which can handle <high-mix low-volume production>.
This is why the development of medical equipment carries with it such unique difficulties.
However, it is precisely because it is such a niche product field that performing <high-mix low-volume production> which can thoroughly meet needs through "Medical-Engineering Collaboration" is such a great strength.
We recognize that by being the only ones who possess this strength we can also anticipate the needs of the overseas market.
Our idea is to strive to be the "top in the global niche"
Because major companies have seized the overseas markets, <high-mix low-volume production> has not yet permeated.
That is why we feel it would be very meaningful for us to enter into overseas markets.
Naturally, it will be necessarily for us to not only simply sell the products which we have already developed domestically, but also develop new products adapted to fit the needs of overseas medical professionals.
We hope to find our "Medical-Engineering Collaboration" with overseas medical professionals as well, with enthusiasm and passion as we devote ourselves completely to creating products.

Medical-Engineering Collaboration
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