Kono Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a medical suture needle / suture maker Manufacturer Location: Soya Ichikawa-shi, Chiba Prefecture Product sales company: Crown Jun Kono

Microsurgery Suture for Training

Microsurgery Training set (unsterile)
has been used among many microsurgeons
all over the world.

This is a specialized training set for microsurgery and you can use it in dry laboratory and animal laboratory. Microsurgery technics including anastomosis of very small blood vessels or lymph vessels under a microscope require considerable practice. We have prepared a high-quality training set so that you can practice microsurgery operations more easily. It comes from USP 12-0 to 8-0 in suture size and from 50μm to 150μm in needle diameter.

< Reasons why Crownjun Microsurgery Training set is chosen >

1. The same high level quality as items for clinical use.
2. A wide range of needle and thread sizes.
3. You can practice microsurgery operations at cheaper cost, which require considerable practice.