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Tsuge Looped Suture

The Tsuge suture method involves
tenorrhaphy using a loop needle.

The greatest advantage of the Tsuge suture is that minimal disruption of blood circulation inside the tendon compared with other procedures, which promotes the healing of the suture area.

Flexor tendon repair
Flexor tendon injuries
Tendon transplantation
Whole hand surgery

In 1975, Professor Kenya Tsuge of the University of Hiroshima published a technique for repairing tendons using loop suture needles, a technique that became known as“Tsuge suture.”
Tsuge looped suture needles were developed by Kono Seisakusho as a tool for making Tsuge sutures at the request of Professor Kenya Tsuge.
These needles have been used along with Tsuge sutures by surgeons around the world for over 40 years.

Two different types of threads are available to suit your needs

Nylon thread

which is easily distinguishable from tendons (blue)

nylon nylon

Polyester ( TEFDESSERⅡ) thread

which is stronger than nylon (green)

tefdesser2 tefdesser2

Non-absorbable, sterile, surgical suture.

< Reasons why Crownjun LOOPED SUTURE is chosen >

1. Looped sutures require high quality manufacturing techniques.
  Attaching two threads to one needle requires great technical skill.
  Crownjun Looped Sutures are made using our advanced manufacturing technology.

2. Sharpness.
  Sharp, specially shaped, cutting needles.

3. Different threads for different requirements.
  Two different types of threads are available to suit your needs:
  Nylon thread, which is easily distinguishable from tendons (blue)
  Polyester thread, which is stronger than nylon (green)

4. Tsuge looped sutures are a product unique to Kono Seisakusho.